Smart trash bin with automatic bag change

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NEW2023 7L Smart Sensor Trash Bin Kitchen Home Automatic Trash Can for Bedroom Bathroom HouseholdToilet Waterproof Garbage Bin W
  • Battery 10L F
  • Battery 10L C
  • Battery 10L B
  • Battery 10L E
  • Battery 10L D
  • Charging white 14L
  • Battery green 14L
  • Battery 10L A
  • Charging green 14L
  • Charging gold 7L
  • Battery gray 7L
  • Battery white 14L
  • Charging gray 7L
  • Charging white 7L
  • Battery blue 7L
  • Battery gold 7L
  • Charging blue 7L
  • Battery white 7L
NEW2023 13/16L Smart with Lid Garbage Bin High-tech Induction Storage Bucket Bathroom Deodorant Waterproof Trash Can Household T
  • Battery Green 16L
  • USB Green 16L
  • 10L trash can
  • Battery Gray 13L
  • Battery Orange 13L
  • Battery Green 13L
  • USB Green 13L
  • Battery Orange 16L
  • Battery White 16L
  • Battery White 13L
  • Battery Gray 16L
  • USB White 13L
  • USB Gray 16L
  • USB Gray 13L
  • USB Orange 13L
  • USB Orange 16L
  • USB White 16L

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